Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my free trial?

The TrackBlast trial is one week long. Your representative will walk you through your website traffic at the end of the trial.

How does it actually work?

Trackblast uses a small piece of code, much like Google Analytics, which tracks IP addresses visiting a website. Those IP addresses are then matched to data held by Trackblast, providing accurate information about unknown website visitors..

Does the cookies law affect my use of the software?

No, TrackBlast doesn’t use cookies, the software only uses IP tracking to identify visitors.

How do I approach a lead once I know who they are?

Once you’ve seen a business has visited your website, we can provide the name, position and email address of key decision makers in that business! Use this essential contact information to immediately contact and tailor your pitch based on the pages the organization has looked at so that it’s relevant to their business needs.

Is it easy to get the tracking code onto my site?

Yes, it’s very simple, the tracking code just needs to be added to each page, much like Google Analytics. Your developer or web support will be able to do this for you.


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